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expect High school DxD stuff as I've just found out that it is awesome
RWBY Concepts : OC - Siy by dishwasher1910
RWBY Concepts : OC - Siy
Fullname : Siyena Romanova
Age :22
Height :1m70

Bio : Born in the kingdom of Atlas into a family with a proud warrior heritage , Siyena begun her combat training since she was only 6 . At the age of 17 , she was accepted into Beacon Academy to train as a huntress . It was during her years at Beacon that a great tragedy struck her life - A massive grimm attack occurred in her hometown , effectively destroying the entire area , along with anybody that stood in their way ,including all her family and friends. Feeling guilty for not being there then to protect them , Siyena drop out of Beacon and return to Atlas , where she joined the military at the age of 20 . From then, her deep hatred combine with her combat skills and training proved to be a deadly weapon against the grimm ,with missions being completed at an incredible pace, helping her to stand out among the ranks . It was then that she was personally chosen by General Ironwood to participate in a experimental weapons program , in which her body was modified with cybernetic weaponry , with the aim to create a super soldier who can be more effective and deadly in combat. This experiments was a complete success ,and Siyena became a top ranking agent , an 'Ace" of the Atlesian military .Furthermore , it was this success that prompt Ironwood to push forward with many other cybernetic weapons program , including the project to create a fully self-ware combat-ready android capable of learning and expressing emotions , an accomplishment that Ironwood had always wanted.As for Siyena however , she was not perfect .Her human mind now constantly struggling to keep control of her actions against the programs that was installed into her head, leading her to often displayed a significant amount of brutality and lack of care for human life. This finally reach the boiling point with her being discharged for allegedly "shooting a man to get to the grimm behind him" . Her whereabouts after this incident is still unknown til today , some say that she had returned to, her hometown, other said she now ventures the world looking for grimms to destroy . Most, however , say that she's now working as an assassin for a secret organisation, of which no one truly knew the identity , apart from its name  : "The brotherhood"
Due to some identity issue lately . please note that this is my Facebook:…
PSG-RWBY crossover : Blonde bombshells by dishwasher1910
PSG-RWBY crossover : Blonde bombshells
Done with Paint tool SAI 
i decided to return to one of my old techniques which required more time but give better quality


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i like tacos

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loungefan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014
Just found you through your RWBY art... It is breathtaking. Looking forward to more in the future
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OMG, saw many of your arts on EQD before but never notice that u are vn too @@
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SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyyy! Congratulations on winning first for the RWBY Halloween contest!
I'm one of the prize donators, so let me know what RWBY-related (OC is okay!) character you'd like me to draw for you~ <3
Sogequeen2550 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats on winning the contest~ Just leave me a note when you have an idea of what you want me to draw (basically a full body, full color picture with a limit of two characters)! Uhh- there are no limits either as long as it's pg (so shipping art or whatever is fine)
SSJCyberSonic Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Think Ima keep an eye on you from now on. +watch
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:party: Happy birthday::party::cake::party:
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